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Replacing doors and frames

Do your doors and frames need to be replaced? Maybe they no longer close properly, they let cold air in or they no longer look nice. Then it's time to think about new doors and frames. By updating these important parts of your home, you can not only improve its beauty, but also increase safety and energy savings.

Replacing doors and frames is an essential home renovation job, especially in older homes. By choosing quality materials and craftsmanship, you can not only improve the look of your home, but also perfect its function. Whether you want to replace outdated wooden frames with durable plastic versions or upgrade to elegant new doors that complement your interior, a renovation of doors and frames can make a big difference.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for replacing doors and frames? Search no further. Construction company Comfort Huis is known for its expertise, experience and reliability in renovation jobs. We are ready to provide your home with quality doors and frames that not only improve the look of your home, but also provide a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can transform your home.


Why Us?


Quality construction is the foundation of our company. We strive to work with care and craftsmanship, so that our customers can rely on sustainable and reliable results. Our commitment to quality is not just a promise, but an integral part of who we are.


We stand behind our work and offer a full warranty on all our construction projects. Whether it concerns a new building, renovation or repair, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the end result. If a problem caused by our fault is discovered, we will repair everything at our own expense.


Failure to maintain maintenance has negative consequences. We take our responsibility seriously and, if necessary, carry out maintenance work on the installations we have built. This way we ensure that your investment remains in good condition and that you can enjoy it for a long time.


Customer reviews

“I am extremely satisfied with the repairs that Comfort Huis has carried out. From the first contact to the completion of the project everything was to our complete satisfaction. The Comfort Huis team worked efficiently and professionally, and all work was completed on time. The quality of the work far exceeded my expectations. I can highly recommend Comfort Huis to anyone looking for reliable and high-quality construction services.”

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“As a demanding customer, I can say with full confidence that Comfort Huis has delivered an excellent performance with our home extension. Although the process took longer than I expected, I am confident that all technological processes were followed rigorously. The patience and care shown by Comfort Huis employees have earned my appreciation. Thanks to the whole team.”

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I am very impressed with the roof renovation that Comfort Huis carried out for us. The entire team worked closely together and showed a high degree of professionalism. They were punctual and did quality work. Not only does our roof now look fantastic, but we are also confident that it is durable and well insulated. The pleasant service and attention to detail make Comfort Huis our first choice for future projects.“

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